Neighbourhood Network Scheme

What is the Hall Green Neighbourhood Network Scheme?

The Hall Green Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNS) is a project to help prevent older people aged 50+ and adults aged 18-49 with a long-term disability from needing to access social services or the NHS  by connecting them to the right activities or services in their local communities at the right time to help them stay living at home, independently for as long as possible.

What are the aims of the Neighbourhood Network Scheme?

Our vision is to support citizens to lead healthy, happy and independent lives within their own homes and communities.

The project aims to connect citizens to local community assets on their doorstep. A community asset is an organisation, group or person who provides an activity that a citizen can participate in or a service they can receive that will help to improve their health and wellbeing. The project will also help to link social workers to community assets so that they will be able to connect citizens to them.   

It is recognised that some areas and wards in Birmingham have more activities for citizens to participate in than others. Investment from Birmingham City Council through the NNS project means that funding will be made available across the Hall Green constituency to help develop new and existing assets and to sustain the ones that already exist.

How is the Hall Green NNS delivered?

GreenSquareAccord is the lead organisation responsible for making the NNS vision in the Hall Green constituency a reality. The project has been funded by Birmingham City Council since 2019. In February 2022 GreenSquareAccord was awarded the contract to continue leading the Hall Green NNS until 2027.

We deliver the NNS in a number of ways including:

  • Run regular NNS events and provide networking opportunities for community assets, citizens and social care teams to come together.
  • Manage a small grants fund for community organisations to apply to
  • Commission capacity building training for community groups organisations to develop their skills/expertise
  • Support the development of local wellbeing networks
  • Update Birmingham City’s Connect2 Support information portal on services and activities for the NNS target group.
  • Work with local assets, citizens and social care teams, using an ABCD approach (asset based community development) to be involved in the planning and design of new community activities and services.

NNS Charter

During 2021 we ran a series of workshops with community assets and social care representatives and we collaboratively developed a Charter detailing how we will work together to meet the NNS aims.