Bethel Health and Healing Network

About Bethel Health and Healing Network

“Bethel’s vision is to support the people of Birmingham, particularly focusing on the most vulnerable, to become physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Our aim is to offer a range of services that will promote the health and wellbeing of people living in Birmingham experiencing disadvantage. We aim to support individuals and families to maximise their physical, psychological and spiritual potential. We will do this by working closely with them and other partner organisations to achieve balance and wholeness within themselves, their relationships and their community. People of all faiths, races and cultures are welcome, (without any fear of discrimination) to the services we offer.” – Bethel Health and Healing Website

Hall Green NNS Funding

Bethel Healing Network has received a grant from the ‘Hall Green NNS Small Grants Fund’ for their Rapha Listening Service project.- The Rapha Listening Service is a volunteer listening service which seeks to improve mental health, self esteem and emotional wellbeing amongst BAME & migrant groups in Hall Green Constituency.

The project runs until 11th November 2020, those wishing to find out more or access support can contact 07825221150 / 0777 668 6855 or email or can complete an online referral form HERE.