Families & Children

Our Families Team came together in April 2020 to rapidly respond to the challenges facing families in our area resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak. Since then we have worked hard to raise awareness of the support available to families and communities through the Birmingham Children’s Partnership and local community organisations.

Family Support Directory

The Hall Green Family Support Directory provides regularly updated information about free support for families and young people. This support covers many areas including parenting, mental health, debt and food support. It also details organisations that have received Community Grants to deliver local practical community activities as part of the Early Help Covid response. We are constantly learning about new groups and services. If you find we are missing information please get in touch and we can work together to put that right. 

Progress update since April 2020

  • We sent all local schools and nurseries information packs with details of how we can support the work of their pastoral teams and Designated Safeguarding Leads.
  • We have hosted a series of stake briefings.
  • We have promoted support, funding and services available to families through social media and press.
  • We have supported 16 community grant applicants secure funds to meet a diversity of bespoke local needs.
  • We are actively supporting 19 schools to connect families to support and resilience funds.
  • Up to early June, 311 Resilience Funding grants have been made to families in need to the value of £40,425 in the Hall Green Constituency.

An overview of the Early Help referrals across the city between mid April and early June:

Total number of referrals1,039
% Food74%
% Money advice36%
% Health and Wellbeing14%
% Parenting support10%
% Safeguarding0%
% Employment8%
% Resilience funding80%
% Other7%

An overview of the community grants processed across the city between mid April and early June:

Number of community applications
requiring assessment
Number approved121
Number rejected153
Number deferred / other78

We still need more volunteers, organisations and professionals in contact with vulnerable families to make contact and join our network. We want to extend support to more local children, young people and families that need it across our locality. If you can help, would like more information or would like to join our mailing list please email us at: Hallgreen.Families@accordgroup.org.uk.