Emergency Assistance Grant Programme

Hall Green’s Emergency Assistance Food & Essential Supplies Grant Programme

Funded by Birmingham City Council, and managed by the Hall Green NNS and Early Help teams, this grant programme was set up to support people of all ages who were struggling to afford food and other essential supplies due to Covid-19 within the Hall Green locality.

A total of £60,000 was available for local community organisations through until March 2021, with grants awarded up to a maximum of £5,000 to support the following areas: 

Volunteers from ISRA-UK get ready to deliver food parcels
  • Food provision with support 
  • Volunteers for essential supplies and shopping
  • Social support (such as befriending, online cooking club etc).

15 brilliant organisations from across Hall Green constituency and Birmingham have been awarded grants to ensure the most vulnerable are supported during this crisis.

Find them through our Emergency Assistance Food and Supplies Map which plots each organisation across the locality with info on their offer and how to get in touch.

Birmingham Baby Aid

Baby Aid Birmingham provide emergency support in the form of food and essential aid parcels to families with children aged 0 to 5 across Birmingham. Through the EFAES grant Birmingham Baby Aid have been funded to deliver the ‘Emergency Food and Foodbank Items’ project. Through this project Birmingham Baby Aid will be providing families with children aged 0 to 5 across Hall Green constituency with essential items such as baby milk formula, toiletries, and food.

To refer to Birmingham Baby Aid contact a member of the team on 07706655110 or email hello@babyaidbirmingham.co.uk

Narthex Sparkhill

Narthex Sparkhill provide a number of services for people in need living in South East Birmingham (Sparkhill, Sparkbrook, Tyseley, Springfield, Yardley, Balsall Heath and Hall Green and Stetchford).These services include a Foodbank, Clothes Bank, Money and Debt Advice service and Employment Support. Through the EFAES programme Narthex Sparkhill have been funded to run the ‘Bringing Hope to Families In Crisis’ which will provide increased capacity to their Foodbank, ensuring that the most vulnerable members of their community will have access to food.

To contact Narthex Sparkhill call 0121 7531959 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.00pm) or email enquiries@narthex.org.uk

The Muath Trust

The Muath Trust are an organisation based in Sparkbrook that has been supporting the community since 1990. Activities and services that the Muath Trust provide include: day opportunities for over 50’s, a day nursery, supplementary Arabic schools, adult education and vocational training, youth activities and domiciliary care services. Through the EFAES programme the Muath Trust will be providing free weekly hot meals to over 50s and individuals who are struggling financially or who have long-term health conditions which have been impacted by the pandemic.

To contact the Muath Trust call 07547249695 or email support@muathtrust.org

All Saints Catering

All Saints Catering are a social enterprise based within the All Saints Centre in Kings Heath. Through the EFAES programme All Saints Catering will be delivering a twice-weekly meals delivery service to those struggling due to isolation or financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Payment for meals is according to ability, with a £2 suggested amount, but left to the discretion of the customer. Those who cannot afford to pay for a meal will be able to access this service free of charge.

To contact All Saints Catering call 0121 293 1699 or email allsaintscatering@outlook.com

Smart Women CIC

SMART Women CIC are a women’s centre serving South Asian Women in the Sparkbrook and Sparkhill wards of Hall Green constituency. SMART Women provide training support to local women as well as running a series of health and wellbeing provisions alongside an in-house gym. Through the EFAES programme SMART Women CIC will be running the ‘Helping Hands’ project which will provide families in need with a hot meal twice a week, emergency food and essential items packs, prescription delivery for elderly people and an information session held twice a week.

To contact SMART Women CIC on 0121 772 7533 or 0740 432 7496.

A volunteer from SMART Women CIC gets ready to deliver food parcels

Age Concern

We are a local charity supporting older people and others in need through a range of services and support to aid wellbeing. The services that Age Concern offer include: community development, day care and outreach support, befriending, advice and information (including legal support), Carers support, Dementia support, community centres, community cafes and fraud awareness. As part of the EFAES programme Age Concern are providing 7 day emergency food packs with ingredients, menus and instructions to enable recipients to make simple, healthy meals at home.

To contact Age Concern call 0121 362 3650 or email info@ageconcernbirmingham.org.uk

Daar – Ul – Jannah (DUJ)

DUJ Advice Centre is non-profit organisation commitment to helping those in Hall Green and surrounding areas to access their right to services. Through the EFAES programme DUJ will be providing support to families, vulnerable adults and older citizens in need who have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. This support will include emergency food parcels, benefit advice, form filling over the phone and housing related advice, alongside emotional support to those bereaved through COVID-19.

To contact DUJ call 0121 792 5442 or email Daar-ul-jannah@hotmail.com

Springfield Project

The Springfield project are a charity based in the heart of Sparkhill, Birmingham that stemming from St Christophers Church Springfield. Springfield Project provide a range of services and programmes which aim to “combat poverty and help people to lead happy and healthy lives”. As a result of EFAES funding Springfield Project will be setting up a community food pantry at their Park Road site. The pantry operates as a membership scheme, with members paying a weekly subscription fee of £4.00.

To contact Springfield Project call 0121 777 2722 or email info@springfieldproject.org.uk

Change Kitchen CIC

Change Kitchen CIC is a social enterprise catering company based in Balsall Heath, supporting people furthest from the labour market back to work through paid and voluntary placements. Through the EFAES project Chnage Kitchen CIC will be delivering the ‘Nutritious Meals for All’ project across Hall Green. ‘Nutritious Meals for All’ will provide people in need with hot vegetarian meals and vegetarian food parcels, as well as providing volunteer opportunities for people wishing to gain skills to access work.

To contact Change Kitchen CIC call 07828 825 850 or email changekitchenbookings@gmail.com

Women’s Enterprise and Community Hub (Part of I-SE)

The Women’s Enterprise and Community Hub (WECH) is part of I-SE (Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs). WECH is based in Sparkbrook and focuses primarily on the needs of women from BAME communities; providing a range of community support programmes alongside employment and enterprise development. With a Hall Green EFAES grant WECH will be running the ‘Sparkbrook Foodbank and Community Champion Service’. This project will enable WECH to continue their foodbank with an additional delivery service for people who are unable to collect food parcels, as well as provide IAG through their trained Community Champions.

To contact the Women’s Enterprise and Community Hub call 0121 771 1411 or email info@i-se.co.uk


A volunteer with ISRA-UK packs food parcels

Anawim are an organisation based in Balsall Heath that supports women with a multitude of needs such as domestic violence, housing and homelessness, unemployment, access to benefits, debt management and financial literacy, involvement with the criminal justice system, mental health, substance misuse, parenting and relationships. A grant from the EFAES programme will be providing Anawim with funding to continue their Balsall Heath drop-in for women in need until April 2021. Through the Balsall Heath drop-in women of all ages can access vital information, advice and guidance, food and essential items.

To contact Anawim call 0121 440 5296 or email referrals@anawim.co.uk

Feedo Needo

Feedo Needo charity is a community development non-profit organisation which offers food and essentials to those who are in need. Based in Digbeth Freedo Needo work with vulnerable people across Birmingham to provide vital support with their main beneficiaries being young families (including support for babies), the elderly, and people experiencing homelessness. Through their EFAES grant Freedo Needo will be providing food to people in need across Hall Green, ensuring that meals are healthy and meet the needs of Hall Green diverse community. They will also be providing Information and Advice to those who require additional support.

To contact Freedo Needo call 0300 311 1312 or email info@freedoneedo.org.uk


ISRA-UK is a charity located in Sparkhill that aim is to aid in the relief of poverty worldwide. ISRA-UK provide activities and support that aim to bring the diverse residents of Sparkhill together to encourage community spirit and assist those who may face isolation, loneliness, low income or disadvantaged. Through the Hall Green EFAES programme ISRA-UK have been funded to provide food packs to families and individuals in need, which also include essential household items like toilet roll, soap and sanitizers.

To contact ISRA UK call 0121 766 8771 or email info@israuk.org


Dawet-e-Islami is a global organisation that works to address social issues across UK society. The organisation have 60 centres across the UK, with 19 in based in the West Midlands. With Hall Green EFAES funding Dawet-e-Islami will be setting up a foodbank as part of their COVID-19 ‘No Child Should Go Hungry’ project. The foodbank will ensure people in Hall Green have access to day-to-day food essentials during the pandemic.

To contact Dawet-e-Islami call 07900175555 or email care@daweteislamimidlands.net

Balsall Heath CATS

Balsall Heath Children’s Action Team Support (CATs) was set up in 2004 by local families, who found it difficult to access play and leisure facilities for children with disabilities. Balsall Heath CATS support help over 400 people a year and work closely with a network of over twenty organisations. Balsall Heath CATS specialise in working with families from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds who face multiple barriers to accessing support. Through EFAES funding Balsall Heath CATS will be running the ‘A Problem Shared’ project, which will address the needs of families through the pandemic by providing food and essential items, IAG support and a befriending service to help families to access the right support.

To contact Balsall Heath CATS call 0121 440 1007 or email info@bhcats.org.uk