Family Support & Funding

Connecting Families and Young People to support

Our Early Help team are able to take referrals from community professionals and self referrals from families in Hall Green who are in need of support.

We have a Family Connect form which needs to be completed as part of the request for support.

We would like to encourage you to make referrals and apply for support as early as possible as help and household resilience fund grants are available.

All requests for support should be sent to and we will co-ordinate from there.

Resilience Funds and Emergency Support Grants

Birmingham City Council is now able to provide emergency support to young people and families through resilience payments of up to £150. The funding is strictly for emergencies due to Covid-19 and can cover things like food, medicines, nappies, emergency fuel, internet access and similar basic essentials.

The short application form and further guidance is available on the Birmingham City Council website. Payments are made within two days, or less if very urgent.

Applications should be made by community-based professionals (in schools, health services etc). Young people and families cannot apply directly. If you have an emergency need then please contact support workers or schools as a first step to access Resilience Funding.

All applications for resilience funding should be sent to

Birmingham City Council’s Local Welfare Provision (LWP) scheme helps vulnerable people in short-term crisis with food and essential items.

NOTE: Both funds are grant-based, which means people who receive help from them will not have to repay anything.

Families Support Directory

Please check our support directory for details of lots of  free support available for children, young people and families in Hall Green locality. If you need help accessing support, please speak to your nursery, school or college or contact our Hall Green Early Help Team.