Emergency Assistance Grant Programme now open for applications.

Published on 21 December 2020

Hall Green’s Emergency Assistance Food & Essential Supplies Grant Programme is now open for applications

Funded by Birmingham City Council, and managed by the Hall Green NNS and Early Help teams, this grant programme has been set up to support people of all ages who are struggling to afford food and other essential supplies due to Covid-19 within the Hall Green locality.

A total of £60,000 is available for local community organisations through until March 2021, with grants awarded up to a maximum of £5,000 to support the following areas: 

  • Food provision with support 
  • Volunteers for essential supplies and shopping
  • Social support (such as befriending, online cooking club etc).

An additional £10,000 (for grants of up to £2,000) is available for organisations wishing to apply to enhance/extend an existing Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) offer.

Examples of what could be commissioned through the community grants programme:

  • Volunteer run projects supporting shopping/picking up prescriptions and other essential items
  • Supporting a food bank/baby bank to continue running its services or the establishment of a local co-operative community food pantry
  • Hot food service
  • Localised, risk assessed face-to-face/on-line/telephone IAG appointments
  • Localised social support projects based on demand and checked against what is already commissioned via various funding streams.

There is no closing date for this grant programme – it will be a rolling programme until the funding is all allocated, which must be done by the end of March 2021. The funding panel will meet to review applications for the first time in mid – late January and at regular intervals going forward as required.

Grant Programme Application Pack

If you have any questions about the grant programme please contact us at HGEmergencyGrant@accordgroup.org.uk.