Join the NNS network

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Neighbourhood Network Scheme in Hall Green.

NNS Network

Through our networks we want to bring together a wide variety of people who represent all sections of the Hall Green community to have conversations, share experiences and to develop new partnerships with each other based around supporting local citizens in our constituency.

During the last few years we have run a variety of Hall Green Network events for community organisation to raise awareness of what service and activities are provided locally and provided opportunities  for networking and partnership working. 

As Covid restrictions have now eased we are looking to run a programme of both online and face to face events. These will include quarterly themed events and informal networking opportunities.

Further details on these sessions will be posted on our Events page. If you would like to receive updates about NNS and upcoming network sessions please email the team at  

Steering Group

The Hall Green NNS Steering Group brings together many different voices from across Hall Green and Birmingham and meets once a month to help shape the work that we deliver in Hall Green. 

Our Steering Group is made up of a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds and walks of life, all with ideas on how we can best support over 50s and adults aged 18-49 with a long-term disability in Hall Green. We want to make sure that as many different voices are heard and represented and we are always recruiting for new members who can bring a unique voice to our discussions.

Becoming a member of the NNS Hall Green Steering Group is a great way for you to influence the work that we do, as well as highlight any issues that you feel are important to the lives of older adults and adults with a long-term disability living in our constituency. It is also a great way to find out about what activities are taking place both in Hall Green and across Birmingham, and to network with like-minded people who care about the community.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved or to find out more information about the Hall Green NNS and our opportunities, please contact a member of the team at

Grants Panel

The Hall Green NNS team have access to a small grants programme, to fund the cost of new activities for over 50s and adults with a long-term disability in Hall Green. Groups, individuals and organisations are invited to apply for a grant by completing an application form outlining their projects.

Once the team receive a completed application it is passed on to our grants panel who meet to discuss, score and then make a final decision on who is awarded a grant from the Hall Green NNS Small Grants Fund. 

The Grants Panel is made up of Birmingham City Council Staff, representatives from the Hall Green Social Work team and residents of Hall Green who are aged 50 and over or living with a long-term disability.

We are always looking for more local citizens who live in Hall Green to join our pool of residents who sit on our grants panel. You wouldn’t have to attend every grants panel meeting or judge every application, but would be part of a pool of residents we can call on to review applications. To find out more or to register your interest please contact the team on

“As an older person it was good to feel that my opinions were valued and that the contribution I was making was enabling more activities to develop in my community.

“It is positive that all members get an equal opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding each application.”