Free mentoring business development support for Hall Green community organisations

Hall Green NNS is offering Hall Green based community groups and organisations access to free 1:1 mentoring support to develop their in-house skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Bid Writing
  • Sustainability and Growth
  • Business Development and Governance

We have commissioned three organisations to work on a 1:1 basis with a small number of Hall Green groups and organisations to provide packages of support tailored to their individual needs.

  • Get Grants will work with around 8 organisations, offering an initial diagnostic meeting and between 2-4 half days of support to each.
  • The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (ISE) will work with 3 Hall Green organisations offering each up to three half days of support.
  • RnR Organisation will work with 5-7 community organisations and provide up to 4 full days (or 8 half days) of business development and governance mentoring support for each.

How to apply

The deadline for applications for this support has now passed. The support is being delivered between July 2021 and November 2021.

Bid Writing Get Grants

Get Grants will work on a 1:1 basis with around 8 organisations, offering an initial diagnostic meeting and between 2-4 half days of support.

Get Grants will meet (virtually) with each organisation to discuss and assess their needs. Get Grants will use this meeting to propose an individual package of tailored support. The package of support will include some and potentially all of the following:

Application Review – Get Grants will review an application or draft written by the organisation. As part of this review, they provide feedback, suggestions, and edits in a level of detail appropriate to your organisation’s needs. This support not only helps organisations to maximise their chances of success, but also helps them to improve bid-writing skills.

Identifying Opportunities – Get Grants will identify the key grant funding opportunities most appropriate to individual organisations and funding needs. This support include details of specific funders and grant programmes, amounts to apply for, and time frames and deadlines. This support allows organisations to confidently drive forward their fundraising and prevent time wasted on the wrong applications.

Mentoring Support –Mentoring support can help organisations identify fundraising strengths and weaknesses, improve fundraising processes, build confidence, and improve their bid-writing skills. This support may be based around a range of issues but will tailored specific needs based on the diagnostics meeting.

  • How to track potential funds to apply for
  • How to identify need for projects
  • Applying to Trusts and Foundations
  • Exploring and measuring suitable outcomes
  • Writing style in applications
  • Budgeting
  • Processes / tracker systems
  • NNS small grant scheme applications

Sustainability and Growth – iSE

iSE will work with a small number of Hall Green organisations offering each up to three half days of 1:1 mentoring support. iSE are a leading third sector support organisation providing start-up and development opportunities for social enterprises, community organisations and not-for-profits in Birmingham and beyond.

Individual programmes will be tailored to organisation’s needs including some or potentially all of the following:

  • Sustainability – Is there an alternative to grant funding? Explore the skills and techniques required to building a sustainable social enterprise or community organisation achieved by reducing the reliance on funding in favour of contracted or traded income.
  • Funding strategies – Plan your way to sustainability by developing a funding/income strategy. Diversify your income for added security and in doing so offer more to your local community.
  • Trading your ‘assets’ – Understanding the opportunities you might have in your building or through staff.  Undertake an asset mapping exercise. Where could new product/service development take you? This support explores how focusing on what you already have can be used to your advantage and how new products/services can be designed from the ground up to maximise impact and social value.
  • Project monitoring – Funders are expecting more and more in terms of project compliance and delivery. This support will help you to understand what you need to do to manage and monitor a project for a local funder. We will discuss project planning the identification and management of risk and basic evaluation techniques and skills that will allow you to report back your activity and meet your obligations to the funder.
  • Social value measurement – How do we measure social value or impact? How do we show value for money? How do we involve our clients and partners in showcasing the work we have done in the local community. Focussing on your organisations individual needs we will support you to understand what is important and how to  showcase your work through an eye catching infographic that you can update year after year.

The two iSE consultants who will be providing support are: Elizabeth Forrester who has 12 years experience of supporting social businesses and Simon Veasey who is a growth specialist with over 15 years of experience.

Business Development and Governance – RnR Organisation

RnR will work with 5-7 community organisations and provide up to four full days (or 8 half days) of business development and governance mentoring support for each. After an initial diagnostic meeting, RnR will offer a tailored support package based on individual organisation need. This could include some or potentially all of the following:

  • Business and governance support – Help organisations identify the challenges and issues they face, and work alongside them to design and develop processes to resolve problems
  • Enhance and develop organisation skills and understanding of their service and provision, and how that relates to local or community need
  • Develop a business plan that outlines purpose and objectives together with impact
  • Support organisations in developing and understanding the essential policies and accompanying processes to ensure good governance of an organisation
  • Develop Covid-19 risk assessment for community organisations – linking into the Government’s current road map for restarting activity

RnR Organisation are a social enterprise who work with non-profit organisations and community led groups to support their actions and activities, optimising the use of data, the internet, technology and community assets.

Ted Ryan and Pauline Roche have a breadth of experience and skills, gained from 30+ years of senior management with and in the voluntary and public sectors.