Fiona’s Volunteer Story

Published on 23 July 2020

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic we have been hearing stories of the innovative ways that communities across the country have been supporting each other through adversity. Whilst it is important to recognise that this has been and remains an incredibly difficult time for many, these stories of community coming together have provided a light in what has been a very dark time. Fiona Tyson, a Volunteer Coordinator with Moseley Together has kindly shared her experiences of how a small community in Moseley have come together and supported each other through the pandemic.

“Many have noted the silver lining of lockdown – stronger community spirit.  Moseley Together is a great example of this.  Locally in our small area we have been getting to know each other better and using our front gardens and the road as social spaces.  We have been swapping plants, selling home made masks and ice cream for charity, doing the gardens of elderly neighbours, shopping for others, posting letters and so on.  

But sometimes it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference…

Helen, my fellow coordinator, and I were pleased to have some B13 magazines to distribute.  We drew up a list of those who live alone, those who appeared a bit isolated and those who we thought would not be able to access the online version.   We divided the list and then knocked on their doors.   The offer of a magazine was a good way to start a conversation to check if we could offer more help, have a chat about local news and generally see how this particular group of our neighbours were.   

I called on on elderly gentleman who I knew had lost his wife just before lockdown.  He tentatively opened the door and I think hearing I had a B13 magazine for him was reassuring.  We chatted for nearly an hour and I was able to admire the photo albums with pictures of his wife and listen to his memories with fresh ears. There were some tears and a recognition that, although he was lonely, he had strong family support nearby.  I was able to link him in with our local residents email and say I would visit again. As I left he said my visit had made his day. That comment made mine!” – Fiona Tyson, Volunteer Coordinator, Moseley Together

We would like to thank Fiona Tyson and Rhiannon Simpson for sharing Fiona’s story. If you have a story you would like featured on the Hall Green Communities website please contact Natalie Tichareva via